March 14th - 18th, 2022  
Venue: Online; hosted by University of Siegen, Germany

Contact person: Gesine Haseloff (


How come some leaders are followed, whilst others are not? What does it take to be a great leader?

The purpose of the PhD course in ‘Authentic Leadership’ is to contribute to PhD training through discovering as well as nurturing and developing leadership authenticity skills among PhD researchers. The course is a 5 ECTS course which will provide PhD researchers with theoretical and conceptual understanding of the concept of Authentic Leadership as well as train students in critical reflection and application of authentic leadership in different contexts. The course will be based on the principle of complex problem solving, bringing in real life problems, to which the students find solutions. The PhD course is a practical course, not a textbook course on leadership authenticity. PhD researchers have the possibility to network with others on an international level. Giving the leadership authenticity concept an empirical value, this PhD course will educate researchers on how to be true to one-self and to open up career choices and potential.